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Featured bed bug treatment:

Bed Bugs, Scabies, Mites, Lice are eliminated with 32oz ELF for Bed Bugs Eco Living Friendly, 100% environmentally friendly solution to your Bed Bug, Scabies, Mites, Fleas, and insect problems. New Guaranteed Formula. EPA (exempt), FDA (GRAS) Safe Ingredients. (32 oz Pre-Mix in ready to use Sprayer Bottle)

Eco Living Friendly of ELF is a specially formulated Pre-Mixed, Non-Toxic and totally GREEN Bed Bug killer. ELF for Bed Bugs is guaranteed or your money back, follow the directions and your insect problems are over. You can wash with it, spay it on your kids, pets, anywhere in your home and it will be absolutely safe and effective. 100% Non-Toxic, biodegradable, odor and color free and clear. By using natural minerals, a yeast based protein and other non-toxic elements to offer a 100% environmentally friendly solution. ELF PRODUCT INGREDIENTS ARE ALL FOUND ON THE LISTS WHICH GIVE IT THE FDA (GRAS, GENERALLY RECARDED AS SAFE) AND THE EPA (EXEMPT) DEFULT APPROVAL FOR A PESTICIDE. THEREFORE ELF HAS AN EPA EXEMPT AS WELL AS A FDA (GRAS) RATING. ELF Brands products are unique to the Green Marketplace.

  • ELF is a unique product that effectively controls bed bugs, scabies, lice, mites, and other insects.
  • Eco Living Friendly, ELF for Bed Bugs, is non-toxic and kills Bed Bugs, even chemical immune Bedbugs
  • ELF for Bed Bugs has Eco Friendly, Green, EPA (exempt), FDA (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients
  • There are no chemical pesticides in the ELF products but the ingredients are extremely effective.
  • ELF is 100% Non-Toxic and safe around kids, pets, hospitals, hotels, any place people live and work.

List Price: $ 29.95
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Climbup Insect Interceptor Bed Bug Trap, 12ct

Climbup Insect Interceptors are a unique and easy-to-use monitoring system to aid in the early detection of bed bug infestations. These specially designed plastic cups are pesticide-free and are coated with a thin layer of talc which makes them too slick for the bugs to crawl out. Bugs approaching the bed (or other furniture) from the floor will fall into the outer well while bed bugs leaving the bed will get stuck in the center well. Allows early detection for bed bugs and also aids in protecting furniture from reinfestation.

  • Pesticide-Free Monitor: Talc-coated monitor traps live bugs for early detection.
  • Dual-Well Design: Shows you which direction bedbugs are crawling.
  • Helps determine which furniture is still infested after treatment.
  • Versatile Design: Fits all furniture with posts/feet 3.75 in. diameter or less.
  • Made in the USA: Follow all included directions closely for optimal performance.

List Price: $ 79.99
Price: $ 46.19

All Stop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray :: Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Spray

All Stop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray effectively kills Bed Bugs and Eggs ON CONTACT! Unlike other pesticide options that are potentially toxic to your family and the environment, Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray is eco-friendly and does not include harsh pesticides or carcinogens, such as permethrins and pyrethrins. Simply spray directly on infested areas and your Bed Bugs will be Dead Bed Bugs! The fresh Peppermint-scented spray kills all stages of the Bed Bug life cycle – from eggs to adults! The organic ingredients are so safe and effective that you can sleep on your bed the very same night you treat. It! When used with the All Stop Dead Bed Bugs Room Kits, It is part of the most complete Bed Bug solution available.

  • All Stop Dead Bed Bugs Contact Killing Spray :: Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Spray
  • AS00102

List Price: $ 50.95
Price: $ 24.95

Green Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray, 16 oz. Spray Bottle

All Natural, Non-Pesticide, Environmentally Friendly Green Product Safe around children and pets Can kill other small insects, such as bed mites Peace of mind while at home or traveling Pleasant Cinnamon fragrance Rest Easy Bed Bug Spay is an All-Natural, Non-Pesticide, GREEN product with a unique blend of natural oils which allow it to kill and repel bed bugs, as well as other small insects. Rest Easy is not a pesticide or an insecticide so it’s safe to use around children and pets. The fresh scent is made with natural cinnamon oil will leave a pleasant aroma throughout the room. While traveling, be sure to spray around the bed and hotel room before unpacking. We also recommend spraying on clothes and in luggage when leaving any hotel or motel.

  • All Natural, Non-Pesticide, Environmentally Friendly Green Product
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Can kill other small insects, such as bed mites
  • Peace of mind while at home or traveling
  • Pleasant Cinnamon fragrance

List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 8.85

The Little Bed Bug Terminator Handbook: Deadly Methods for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are annoying uninvited little creatures in your home. They feed on your blood while you are asleep in bed. The bites they leave on your skin may become irritated… And some victims start to believe these pests follow them everywhere they go. But you don’t have to sleep another night in fear. The Little Bed Bug Terminator Handbook will show you the best and safest way to get rid of bed bug infestations. In this definitive manual, you’ll discover: * How to identify a bed bug so you know if they really are causing your grief * How bed bugs get into your home so you know how to keep them out * Where bed bugs hide during the day so you know where to put up traps * What marks they leave on your skin so you know it’s not another pest * The evidence of their presence in your home * Why having a clean home won’t protect you from them but what can * The different treatments available and which are ineffective * The one most effective treatment for long term protection * How to prevent another infestation from reoccurring in the future And much, much more… Bed bugs once were almost extinct. But due to the banning of an effective pesticide that could have eliminated the species and their growing resistance to newer poisons, these pests have started to become an infestation problem everywhere. If you want to know how to eliminate them from your home and prevent them from coming back, then read The Little Bed Bug Terminator Handbook. It has the solutions to

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 19.95

Hbb-32 32Oz Rtu Bed Bug Kill – P.F. Harris Mfg. Co., Llc

Bed Bugs are now among the top pests in America. Harris Bed Bug Killer is EPA approved to spray mattresses and other areas where Bed Bugs hide. Odorless and non-staining.

Easy to Use Trigger Sprayer

Spray matresses, bedside furniture,
floors and luggage for control of bedbugs

Also approved to kill lice

  • Kills on Contact!
  • Non-Staining!
  • Long-lasting and odorless!

Price: $ 9.65

Fairy Tales Sleep-Tite Bed Bug Eliminator 32 fl oz (948 ml)

Safe around children and pets.
Bed bugs are back – just ask Congress?they are proposing a new Bill called, “Don?t Let the Bed Bugs Bite” (HR 2248) and Fairy Tales is there to help! Just released Sleep-Tite is a minimal risk pesticide (EPA exempt) that kills bed bugs and destroys their eggs. Safe and effective to help keep your home, hotel room, apartment, college dorm and camp bunk bed bug free!What are bed bugs? Where do I find them? And how do I get rid of them? Bed Bugs are small flat insects that feed on animals and human blood.
They have been around for centuries but are making a comeback due to the fact that many strong pesticides have been banned for use. Bed bugs like the dark, they feed at night, they crawl, not fly. And, they don’t just like beds; they will live in any dark area that is near their food source. That includes furniture, tears in wallpaper, closets, baseboards, tufts and seams of mattresses – they can be anywhere! The bugs themselves are difficult to spot but look for signs including brown specs – this is dried blood or fecal matter.
Also check for dried bug shells – this is from the molting process (the shedding and replacing the exoskeleton stage). In the past, getting rid of bed bugs required the use of strong pesticides. Now, Fairy Tales Sleep-Tite has developed the first ever dedicated bed bug spray been proven effective without toxic chemicals. It kills bugs on contact and kills their eggs as well.
One Spray is 97% effective in killing a live bug in seconds.Fairy Tales Sleep-Tite is perfect for home use and can be taken on vacations, as well. Use Sleep-Tite in your hotel room, camp bunk and dorm room – Spray furniture,

  • * Contains no pesticides or chemicals and is safe to use around children and pets.
  • 97% effective rate with only 1 Spray!
  • Economical Size
  • Great for Hotel Rooms/Dorm Rooms
  • Sleep-Tite Bed Bug Spray is an EPA exempt bed bug treatment proven to kill bed bugs and their eggs.

List Price: $ 19.99
Price: $ 19.99

Dont Let The Bed Bugs Bite You! Prevent Bed Bug Bites With Bed Bug Treatments That Can Effectively Get Rid Of Bed Bugs And Keep Your Home Bed Bug Free All The Time

Bed bugs are tiny blood-sucking creatures and their bite can be nasty!

Bed bugs hide very well on beds and sides of mattresses. They can also get in your clothes, shoes, clothes hampers, linens, books and other stuff.

Bed bugs are so tiny that they’re not easily visible to the naked eye. Almost always you’ll know they’re there only after they’ve bitten you.

Bed bug bites look like multiple mosquito bites contained in one area of the skin. They are commonly small and red, but they can get bigger if your skin is allergy-prone. Bed bug bites don’t really hurt at all. But, they can be annoyingly itchy. It can become very discomforting that you can’t stop scratching. The constant scratching can cause skin irritation which in turn can lead to an infection.

The most effective way to treat bed bugs is to prevent an infestation. So, if you suspect you have bed bugs in your home, do a thorough inspection of the areas they commonly hide in immediately. Dust the beds. Change the linens. Check the linings of mattresses if you see any red-brown spots because those are the signs that bed bugs are living in there. Check cracks and crevices. Move furniture around and do a thorough sweep of your entire house. That will get them moving.

Get more tips for getting rid of bed bugs so you can clean up your home properly and keep it bed-bug free all the time.

List Price: $ 3.99

Bonide Bed Bug Killer Rtu Gal

Excellent, long lasting control of bed bugs. Great for travelers who want ot protect their luggage from insect “pick-up” at hotels. Also kills lice, fleas, ticks, clothes, moths, and carpet beetles and pantry pets.

  • 1 Gallon Bedbug Killer
  • Long lasting control of bedbugs
  • Great for travelers who want to protect their luggage
  • Also kills lice, fleas, ticks, moths, carpet beatles and pantry pests

Price: $ 9.78

BugZip Bed-Bug Resistant Drawer Liner Encasement, BZ400

With the rapid increase in bed bug infestations over the last few years, it has become more and more likely that bed bugs will crawl into your suitcase or clothes in the middle of the night when you are staying in a hotel, cruise ship, hospital or other travel destination. Since they only come out late at night, most people have no idea that they have brought them home until 3 months after the fact when a few bed bugs have multipled into a thousand and they now have a major pest control problem to deal with at home.

BugZip™ is specially designed for advanced resistance to bed bugs. Diligently encasing all clothing, bags and belongings while traveling greatly reduces the likelihood of bringing bed bugs home or from place to place. BugZip™ is also a great resource for individuals and families whose homes are already infested. Use BugZip™ to encase clean clothes and inside drawers to protect from bed bugs while you prepare for and live through treatment.

All Bugzip encasements are made of heavy-duty clear vinyl that resists tears and can easily hold large objects inside. The specially designed three-sided bed bug resistant zipper allows easy access to your clothes and belongings while zipping out bed bugs when they are on the move at night. All BugZip Encasements come flat folded in a 10x13x1 in. retail bag which fits nicely in most suitcase pockets during travel. BugZip™ encasements are recommended for use in one location only. Bugs can be on the outside of the BugZip™ and may be hard to see. Bringing a used BugZip™ from place to place defeats the purpose of the product.

  • Dimensions: 20 in. W x 13 in. L x 6 in. H
  • Fits most standard dresser drawers.
  • Keeps bed bugs and other insects out of your underwear drawer.
  • Use at home to keep clothes protected prior to and during pest control treatment.
  • Other great uses: Camping, Allergies, Arts and Crafts Storage, Dorms, Barracks.

List Price: $ 14.99

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